Detail Maintenance Program

Wergs Detail offers the “Detail Maintenance Program” option for monthly or bi-weekly cleanings. Those who want to make sure they’re vehicle is always looking its best can have the luxury of doing so.

What’s included?

With your monthly or bi-weekly cleanings you will receive everything listed below every time we clean the vehicle. In addition, every 6 months your maintenance program includes a FULL detail.  Which clay baring the vehicle and applying Carnauba wax assures the best results.

Prices start at $75/month+
Call or e-mail for an exact estimate.


  • Hand wash/ dry using Adam’s Polishes two bucket wash system
  • Wheels cleaned using the best boar hair brush
  • Tires degreased and dressed with VRT from Adam’s Polishes (water repellence, no fling)
  • All Surfaces get layer of Detail Spray
  • Windows cleaned (tint safe cleaner)


  • Vacuumed thoroughly including trunk
  • All surfaces wiped down (electronic safe)
  • Leather cleansed and protected (if cars equipped)
  • Surfaces dressed with non-grease SPF protectant
  • Windows cleaned

M4 Competition Package