Premium Package

(Full Detail / Exterior only / Interior only options available)


2016 BMW F80 M3


  • Hand wash/ dry using Adam’s Polishes two bucket wash system
  • All surfaces clay bared (eliminating all surface contaminations)
  • Wheels cleaned using the best boar hair brush
  • Tires degreased and dressed with VRT from Adam’s Polishes (water repellence, no fling)
  • Windows cleaned (tint safe cleaner)
  • All surfaces receive a layer of Adam’s Americana Wax



2013 Audi A7


  • Vacuumed thoroughly including trunk
  • All surfaces wiped down (electronic safe)
  • Leather cleansed and protected (if cars equipped)
  • Surfaces dressed with non-grease SPF protectant
  • Windows cleaned (tint safe cleaner)



Interior & Exterior

Coupe- $200            Sedan- $200         SUV- $250            Full Size- $300

Exterior Only

Coupe- $120             Sedan- $120           SUV- $160             Full Size- $200

Interior Only

Coupe- $90             Sedan- $90            SUV- $100            Full Size- $120


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